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Well, you've found us - JustC's Football Picks.

Back in 1949, H and C got drafted to fight in the Korean war, and neither really wanted to go. Nevertheless, they did their duty and served. After basic training, the U.S.M.C. assigned H and C to Lt. D's company, and they became fast friends due to their common love for football - specifically NFL football. H told C he'd always wanted to have a football boat because his family had been in the footballing business for his entire life. They caught footballs and served them New Orleans style. So, H and C decided that one day, when they got out of the Army, they'd own that football boat and catch all kinds of footballs!

Well, one day, Lt. D's company found themselves in a particularly nasty fire fight while taking a hill, and they managed to get pinned by the enemy. Almost everyone in the the entire company had some kind of major wound, and C set his sights on getting them all to safety. One by one, he brought them all back to the river bank (he could run really fast), but he could never seem to find H. The more of his fellow airmen he found, the further it seemed he drifted from H. Just as things got really hairy, he encountered Lt. D, and much to D's shegrin, C saved him too. (Lt. D had always wanted to die in battle). Finally, C had to go back one more time to somehow get to his friend H. Trudging through the jungle, he finally found him in very bad shape. He slung H across his shoulder and headed for the river bank as fast his legs could carry him. "Run, C! Run!" The words from his childhood echoed in his head.

Just as he hit the clearing, C felt a sharp burning sensation in his buttocks. Some worthless kraut had shot him, but he kept running. He had to save H!

Finally arriving at the river bank, he laid H down and cradled him in his arms. H told him to make sure he kept the football boat dream alive no matter what, and as the choppers soared overhead, he faded away in C's arms.

After the war, for getting shot in the ass, C received the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, The Pulitzer Prize, an all expense paid vacation to Disney, a night on the town with Paris Hilton (which we can't confirm he ever received), a dozen Pez dispensers, and a lifetime supply of Dr. Pepper.

Since H died, JustC remained to carry on the dream, and that's how this place came about. C just couldn't find a football boat, and he came to the realization that they don't exist, and H was a blithering moron. C, nevertheless, loved football, so he built this site - since 1951, the best web site of its kind in the world.

Hope you have as much fun as he does playing this silly game!

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